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International reputation for Export quality

The company's products win reputation by quality

More than 100 countries and regions in the world

Farm direct marketing

Sincere greetings from traditional Chinese Farmers in the East

Our mission: the company takes "make the conscience food, do the rest assured enterprise" as the enterprise mission, build the green food industry that is popular with the common people, improve the human being in the world

Traditional Chinese Farmers-using Old sowing methods

Our values: "beyond, excellence, harmony, win-win" as the core values, efforts to build product features, technology innovation, harmonious relationship, environmental norms of the characteristics of modern enterprises.

Customers from Europe-their food is really great, green and healthy!

Excellent product quality, in kernel planting technology, growth environment, artificial cultivation, advanced technology. Effective guarantee of product quality, is your long-term win our company contract the greatest guarantee. The work spirit of the craftsman's heart is my best evaluation of them.

From North American customers-you put green, health, quality first, and you did.

The first time I saw a product that surprised me, the taste was very good! As a wholesale nut market in North America, customers are picky about their products, which has always been a headache for our company. Since working with your company to effectively guarantee the quality of our products, the company's sales have been rising, and working with you is the most correct decision in my life.

The company's diversified product line

There is always one kind of suit for you!

Our planting environment

Fuxin Airen Foods Co.,Ltd owns up-to-date factory to ensure the supply of high quality products.,which enjoy high reputation and credit among worldwide customers through its considerate services and hard work. The company will continually devote to perfecting products' quality and service for all customers.
The major products are pinenut kernels, sunflower kernels,pumpkin seeds and kernels, walnut kernels,etc.
-- BRC Grade A
-- BCS Öko-Garantie,USDA ORGANIC


Adequate photosynthesis

Chinese black land is planted on a scientific scale in the four great black lands of the world

Our pumpkin seeds

Scientific planting methods

The good product quality is the quality assurance is the prestige guarantee our company by the excellent product quality enjoys the world reputation!

Brand story

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International HALAL Certification, EU Standard
American standard organic product certification

Food on the table, find the most beautiful food
China ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification ISO22000 food safety management system certification.

certificate of honor

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Why choose our products?

Quality is our self - esteem ! We will let you believe that we are choosing the quality and choosing to rest assured .

Top product

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The company enjoys the world famous popular style product! Pumpkin seed, pine seed!

Under the jurisdiction of a Hong Kong wholly owned subsidiary, four branches, the existing staff of more than 500 people. Set development, processing, sales as one of the integrated health food professional enterprises.